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2021 Finals

2019 Past Times Finals at Sutton B.C.

Ladies Result : Supreme beat Wallington 50 - 19
Men's Result : Cheam beat Purley Bury 'B' 32 - 30


2018 Past Times Finals at Sutton B.C.

Ladies Result : Purley Bury beat Old Coulsdon 39 - 29
Men's Result : Old Coulsdon beat Wallington 51 - 36


2017 Past Times Finals at Wallington B.C.

Ladies Result : Southey beat Cheam 47 - 36
Men's Result : Supreme beat Chessington 44 - 20


2016 Past Times Finals at Sutton B.C.

Ladies Result: Supreme beat Chessington 42 - 34
Men's Result: Old Coulsdon beat Cuddington 54 - 30

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